See below for instructions on Entourage email setup.

1. Open Entourage.

2. Click the Tools menu, and then select Accounts.

Entourage Email setup

3. In the Accounts window, click New.

image 1

4. In the Account Setup Assistant window, click Configure Account Manually.

image 2

5. In the New Account window, select POP in the Account type drop-down field, and then click OK.

image 3

6. In the Edit Account window, complete the following fields:
• Account Name: Enter a name that can best describe this email account, such as My Office Email. This name is not visible to the public.
• Name: Enter your name or your company name. This name will appear on all emails that you send out.
• E-mail address: Enter your email address This email address will appear on all emails that you send out.
• Account ID: Enter the full email address
• POP server: Enter
• Password: Enter your email account password xxxxxx
• SMTP server: Enter your

image 4

7. Please make sure your POP port is set to 110

image 5

8. Ensure that the Override default SMTP port checkbox is ticked

9. Change the Override default SMTP port number to 25

10. Ensure that the SMTP server requires authentication checkbox is ticked

11. Close the setup windows

12. Entourage should be set up to send and receive mail.

image 6