If you decide you would rather set up your email account as an IMAP then the below ports need to be used instead of the usual incoming and outgoing ports, IMAP is used for devices such as your phone and tablet, do not setup an IMAP account unless you first have a primary POP3 email account setup on your computer/laptop/other frequently used device.

And if you’re not sure what IMAP means have look here view our POP3 vs IMAP question in the FAQ.

Username: demo@yourdomainname.co.za
Password: Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server: mail.yourdomainname.co.za

IMAP: Port 143
POP3: Port 110

Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomainname.co.za

SMTP: Port 26
SMTP Encryption = off

Authentication is required for IMAP and POP3