Sterling Web can help your business grow through social media marketing and advertising! We can take your simple Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in months and transform it into an active platform which helps you grow your market, improve your products through active suggestions from clients and learn about new trends and tricks to keep you up to date. Don’t let your business’s online presence slow your website and products, Sterling Web can assist in creating a platform on any of the major social media websites and continue updating your existing ones.

Social media is a large part of everyday lives today; some of the largest websites have surpassed a billion users. Social media is exactly as the name implies, most websites are large networks full of people who group together and share media items that are of relevant interests.
Social Media Marketing is an important part of a modern business, it’s a fast way to reach a huge audience if there is a user base interested in the product or service being offered, it creates a discussion which enables a business to learn new trends in the market, as well as improve their service based on direct responses from clients.
It helps create a friendly relationship between a business and client through a very quick system of posts and comments, and spreads the information further, as a client will share a single post for all their friends, family and acquaintances, who in turn will spread the information even further.
Social Media Marketing can reach far in a short amount of time, and each social media website allows a business to do it in many ways, through text, sound, videos or images.

Facebook was created in 2004 as a website for college students who had an .edu email address to share and like photos of themselves and their peers, since then the website has grown, and now has over 1 billion users, and has introduced new features, such as business pages, groups, a new timeline system that shows other users information about themselves and the times that these events occurred, as well a video player that lets users upload and share a single video across many pages, groups and users profiles. These videos are beginning to outpace YouTube in terms of views; this may lead to a partnership program similar to YouTube’s own program in the next few years.
The site frequently updates to add more features that can help a business reach an even wider audience based on users ‘likes’, if business is closely related to a user’s likes, their page will be recommended to the user. Facebook also has a pay for likes system in place which advertises a business directly to users in a certain area, age group or interest group.

Twitter is a short form post site that is used by a majority of users to post quick, short tweets about a certain topic. 140 characters is short but this challenges business to think of new quick attention grabbing topics and headlines, once a user’s interest is captured they will likely click on links shared by a business’s twitter profile. The system is also great for simple communication between a business’s and clients, the short word count keeps topics short and concise and a business can control what their own followers see, which can help build a company’s reputation by showing positive interaction directly to followers.

YouTube began in 2005 as simply a video sharing service; the name explains exactly who it’s meant for, you, the user creates a channel and shares their own creations, which tagged with simple topics like Lifestyle, Products, Health & Fitness and Entertainment, while this isn’t as precise as many other sites own tagging systems, YouTube’s constantly updating algorithms begin recommending more relevant videos based on the video’s content, topic and title. For example a video about accurately cutting two by fours to build something will update a user’s info to show more videos related to that, such what new items people can make with two by four’s and some other household projects.

YouTube is great way for business’s to market products directly to viewers, by demonstrating how a product or service works, and with YouTube’s partnership program, which began in 2009, businesses can advertise on the videos page and on the video itself to generate money on a per click bases.

YouTube is also a fast growing website with many users who are trend setters and minor celebrities; providing advertising opportunities to large audiences through sponsorship programs. They are young and idolized, many things they feature in their videos become extremely popular, and they also sell their own merchandise featuring their own in-jokes and personal philosophies. This can be handy for business to reach out to younger audiences, either through observing rapidly changing trends and interests or using popular users to reach their large audiences.